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LYPHA Web Hosting
About Us

Lypha™, is a provider of managed private-label reseller programs and shared/dedicated hosting solutions to many levels of customers including service providers, resellers and business customers in over 78 countries around the globe.

LYPHA Networks™ Corporate LogoCustomer Service
Lypha™ is dedicated towards satisfaction. We are dedicated to our customers with goals in providing the best customer service and providing excellent, reliable and state of the art products. Our reputation is extremely important to us. To ensure continued client satisfaction, Lypha™ only buys the top of the line equipment for its facilities from leaders in the industry. In order to provide the best possible customer service, we do NOT outsource our support responsibility to third-party companies who do not care about each individual customer. At Lypha ™ we have a team of over a dozen customer service specialists who can assist you with all your questions or concerns. Lypha™ is all about its clients. You will always get a HUMAN response from us on ANY request or issue that you may have and we will assist you as fast as possible.

Quality Components
At Lypha ™ technology is the key. Our network facilities use the latest and top of the line products made available by leaders in the industry. Unlike many hosting companies who are willing to sacrifice quality for profit, we always stand by our guarantee of excellence. We use only name-brand equipment such as Cisco®/Juniper® routers, 3Com™ Switches, Intel™ Processors and IBM/Dell® servers. All our customers enjoy GoldBox protection, the absolute best in shared web hosting environments.

Our servers, equipment and network are of the highest quality. Our servers are powered by Intel Xeons with enterprise RAIDED hard drives. Our servers are located within multiple World Class data centers within the United States. You may take a tour of the facility via our network page.

Our servers run industry standard software. We run Apache, mySQL, PHP and RedHat Linux. Our customers utilize the powerful WebHost Manager/CPanel system currently being used to manage over 600,000 accounts across many hosting providers.

24/7 Monitoring
Our technology is very sophisticated. We have many safety features in place to protect our clients data. All services on our network are monitored 24x7x365 using an advanced off-site monitoring system. Our system administrators are notified via email, pager, and an audible alarm within 30 seconds of a service going down on any of our machines. The following services are being monitored in real-time: Conn, CPU, Disk, DNS, FTP, HTTP, Msgs, POP3, SMTP, Procs, SSH, Control panel, SSL. Furthermore, our environmental DataTrax software monitors the multiple electrical feeds, transfer switches, dry pipe sprinkler system, VESDA smoke detection, AC's, UPS units, generators, and security systems in the data center facility.

Peace of mind

At Lypha™ we care about your data. We are fanatical when it comes to data integrity. We don't just perform routine backups but we also perform immediate backups! Imagine that you have just put in all your free time to work on your website. Then suddenly, due to a server hard-drive crash all your work is lost since your web hosts last backup is older than 24 hours! To assure that this will never happen to you, we always do *immediate* backups due to our implementation of GoldBox setups which incorporate RAID-1 redundancy configurations on every server we put online.





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