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  GoldBoX NG Hosting Platform
Exclusive to Lypha™ customers

Experience the most technically advanced web hosting platform on Earth

Traditional Web Hosting Platform (OLD) Next Generation Web Hosting Platform (NEW)

Welcome to the future

Lypha's new next generation Hosting Platform is the most technically advanced web hosting platform on Earth. Compared to traditional platforms, the GoldBox NG platform revolutionizes the way web hosting works. With only a small handful of HSPs that currently utilize this ground breaking infrastructure, make sure you are one of the first to eXperience the reliability and performance of hosting your site on a GoldBox NG platform.

Why the need for a new shared hosting platform?

The networks of typical HSP's (Hosting Service Provider) are prone to consistent failure, due to their lack of redundancy and the use of obsolete technologies. A single processor or hard disk failure can bring down an entire server and cause disruptions to your website. This is where Lypha GoldBoX NG steps in. Using the world's most advanced SE web hosting infrastructure we can minimize these common problems and ensure higher levels of reliability and performance over traditional hosting platforms. Lypha GoldBoX platforms feature full redundancy with servers and all other network devices, ensuring delivery of your website even if one component fails. Furthermore, our multi-layered firewall structure provides maximum security for the entire network, protecting your site against malicious attacks and exploits which are becoming more common each day.

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All web hosting service plans (including reseller plans) utilize the GoldBoX NG platform at no additional charge.



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