RedHat 7.3
WHM is a powerful web control panel that allows you to manage your client domains in real time.

Currently managing 600,000 accounts, WHM is used by thousands of web providers worldwide.

WHM can be licensed from CPANEL.net for $100/mo.
NOTE: All our Mini/Large resellers get this control panel for FREE!

Server Status

Service Status

Server Information

Account Functions

List Accounts

Create a New Account

Skeleton Directory

Terminate an Account

Modify an Account

Upgrade / Downgrade an Account

View Bandwidth Usage

Limit Bandwidth Usage

Suspend or Unsuspend an Account

List Suspended Accounts

Modify Suspended Account Page

Quota Modification

Password Modification

Disable or Enable Subdomains Per Account

List SubDomains


Change WHM Theme

Dns Functions

Park or Point a Domain

List Parked Domains

Add a DNS Zone

Edit an MX Entry

Edit a DNS Zone

Delete a DNS Zone


Install FrontPage Web Extentions

Uninstall FrontPage Web Extentions

Install FrontPage Mail Extentions


Mail Troubleshooter

Cpanel 4
Reset a Shopping Cart

Synchronize FTP Passwords

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