1. RAID-1 Redundancy
We employ state-of-the-art IBM®/Dell® servers with RAID-1 redundancy. RAID-1 dual disk drive redundancy means that when a hard drive fails the server instantly and seamlessly switches to a mirrored hard drive, avoiding any service interruption. Constant server monitoring ensures your data is kept safe and that your hosted websites maintain maximum operational status.

RAID-1 Benefits: Provides 100% data redundancy. Should one drive fail, the controller simply switches reads and writes to the other drive. RAID-1 provides complete data redundancy. RAID-1 is ideal for any application that requires fault tolerance.
2. Reliable Enterprise Drives
All of Lypha's™ servers utilize hot swappable Seagate or Western Digital Enterprise hard drives designed for RAID usage.
Summary: Hard drive failures are common in the web hosting industry. Shopping for a web host can be complex and you should make sure they utilize high quality hardware parts and have some sort of redundant storage system in place to ensure your data is secure.